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How Does Severe Clear Work With Me?

When using Severe Clear Aviation services you will receive aircraft brokerage sales services in exchange for a percentage of the aircraft’s final sale price.  Currently Severe Clear charges 5% of the final sale of the aircraft and requires a minimum of 90 days for an exclusive listing.  If you are able to sell your aircraft individually while under contract with Severe Clear, we charge 1.5% fee of your total pre-taxed sale price.

For allowing us to broker your aircraft we do the following for you:

  • Provide a free market evaluation of your aircraft
  • Unlimited consultation with our aviation professionals about any questions you may have
  • Customized interactive website listing
  • Ad listings and management on: Barnstormers, Trade-A-Plane, GlobarAir, Controller, and more
  • Buyer screening by field all calls, inquires, and pre-qualify for quick action
  • Deposit Collections
  • Sale paperwork preparation
  • Offer discounted incentives to the buyers on insurance, financing, and ferry services

How Do I Know What My Plane Is Worth?

One of the great things about using Severe Clear as your representative is you don’t have to worry about getting fair market value for your aircraft.  We use a number of resources and research methods to properly gauge the current market value of your aircraft.

Owners tend to place higher than warranted values on their aircraft for a number of reasons.  Maybe they just installed new avionics or had recent interior upgrades or refurbishments. Or, had a recent overhaul or new engine installed.  Either way, these types of modifications and/or updates don’t always trans lay into the same dollar amounts being added to the sale price.  Aircraft sales is a unique animal and without careful assessment and planning your aircraft will sit on the market for a very long time.

Our job is to ensure you get the best value currently available and sell your aircraft quickly.  Both available inventory of like aircraft along with appraisal tools such as AOPA’s Vref,  Aircraft Directory Blue Book, and other allow us to accurately price your aircraft accordingly.  We only list honest and reasonable pricing on our brokered aircraft and price them to SELL!

How Long Will It Take To Sell My Plane?

There is no easy answer for this.  We find that even though listing the aircraft in multiple online and off-line resources an aircraft may be subject to how many aircraft of that same type and similar accessories are available at any given time. We do however, see aircraft currently selling within a 35 – 40 day average. We try to minimize this by also listing on our own website and through calling various pre-screened buyers and other information resources throughout our well developed network of USA wide FBO’s, Maintenance Facilities, Independent buyers and more.

The simple fact is Severe Clear will us every available resource to maximize your selling potential.  Fact, more than 80+% of all used aircraft are sold through a broker or dealer.  The most important thing to remember is not all brokers are equal nor are they all trustworthy.  We ensure we have your best interest in mind and don’t carry a huge inventory of available aircraft for sale at any give time to minimize a lack of attention and to maximize full selling opportunities.

When do I owe a successful sale fee and how do I pay?

We charge a successful sale fee of 6% on any aircraft that sells for a price of up to $100,000. For aircraft that sell for over $100,000, the fee is 5% of the final sale price. The successful sale fee is only charged when your plane sells, and is deducted from the final payment the buyer places in Escrow. When the buyer arrives to pick up the plane and pays you, you will receive the balance owed which makes settling your account simple.


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